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"The first article of a bill of rights for a modern, humanist society would correspond to the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: 'The State shall make no law with respect to the establishment of education.'
There shall be no ritual obligatory for all." Ivan Illich
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"A person's freedom of learning is part of his freedom of thought, even more basic than his freedom of speech." John Holt

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National Data Privacy Day (U.S.) and
European Privacy & Data Protection Day
January 28, 2011
Data Privacy Day is an annual international celebration to raise awareness and generate discussion about information privacy.

Atlanta, Georgia
March 4-6, 2011
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The Uzoma Black Unschoolers' Conference (UBUC) was created to be a forum for unschoolers of color to meet together, build friendships, support one another, share resources, learn from experienced unschoolers of all backgrounds, and to discuss relevant issues that affect us in our unique experience.
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The Life Rocks! Radical Unschooling Conference
North Conway, New Hampshire
April 11th - 15th, 2011
We are on the cusp of change. Children are finally being recognized as the whole, perfect people that they are. Tides are turning, and a new chapter in humanity is beginning. Join us and be part of the Revolution!
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ARGH (Autodidactic Radical Gathering of Homeschoolers)
Tri-Cities Region, Tennessee
April 30 - May 4, 2011
Added to: Teens & Youth; Homeschooling & Unschooling
A gathering by and for unschoolers of all ages which takes place in the Tri-Cities Tennessee region of the U.S. This organic event relies on the participants to create the activities, making every event completely unique.
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East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp
Buffalo Mountain Camp, Tennessee
August 14-21, 2011
Added to: Teens & Youth; Homeschooling & Unschooling
Week-long summer camp for approximately 80 unschoolers ages 13-18. Activities include camper-run workshops, jam sessions, bonfires, swimming, kayaking, zipline and climbing tower, mentoring, dancing every night, and much more.
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Read about ETUSC here:
A Dispatch from Planet Unschooling
"People, let me tell you something. My daughter is 14. And there are times when I wished both of us lived on another planet. As in, together. As in, far, far away from everyone who thinks teens are by nature a subspecies from hell."

Not Back to School Camp
Oregon & Vermont
August 12-19: Camp Latgawa, Eagle Point, OR
Aug 23 - Sep 6: Camp Myrtlewood, Bridge, OR
September 19-26: Farm & Wilderness Camp, Plymouth, VT
Sep 30-October 7: Farm and Wilderness, Plymouth, VT

Added to: Teens & Youth; Homeschooling & Unschooling
Not Back to School Camp aspires to create a sanctuary that affirms, inspires, and mentors unschoolers; where campers and staff transform spiritually, emotionally, physically, creatively, intellectually; where profound friendships begin and grow; and where adventure, mystery, music, wild spontaneous fun, and magic prevail.
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Myths of Government Schooling: on basic skills development
What homeschool parents need to know about teaching writing and maths.

The Words We Use: Living As If School Doesn't Exist
Wendy Priesnitz | Life Learning Magazine
"There are many words used in reference to education without school, including but not limited to 'homeschooling,' 'deschooling,' 'home-based learning,' 'home-based education,' 'self-directed learning,' 'child-led education,' 'autonomous learning,' 'natural learning,' 'autodidacticism,' 'free-range learning,' 'life learning,' and 'unschooling.' The generic term is 'homeschooling.' For the first decade or so of the modern homeschooling movement, that word worked fine, since the few thousand of us living that way shared a general understanding that we were experimenting with something that was as far away from the school model as possible. However, as the movement has grown, the number of approaches used by families has grown too. And now, the word 'homeschooling' has come to be identified with the parent-driven, school-at-home end of the spectrum. It no longer accurately describes a curiosity-based, learner-driven, self-managing style of education, which uses life and the world as its resources, and that doesn't look at all like school."

Homeschoolers Against Tax Credits
Added to: Homeschooling & Unschooling
"Whereas legislators are considering tax breaks for homeschoolers; and Whereas a homeschool group representing a fraction of the community lobbies for said tax breaks; our representatives need to know the true feelings of the homeschooling community."

Zero Tuition College
Added to: Teens & Youth; Higher Education; Learning Resources; Homeschooling & Unschooling
Your Guide to Replacing College with Self-Directed Learning

Wendy Preisnitz, Life Learning Magazine

A melange of thoughts - sailing, life, ageism, metaphors, reality
Frank Maier

Unschooling Rules
Clark Aldrich
Added to: Teens & Youth; Homeschooling & Unschooling
50 observations from homeschoolers and unschoolers that can be used to simplify all childhood learning and evolve the Industrial Education Complex

National Youth Rights Association
Added to: Teens & Youth
NYRA is a youth-led national non-profit organization dedicated to fighting for the civil rights and liberties of young people.

Intact America
Added to: Freedom, Liberty & Civil Rights Routine infant ircumcision is medically unnecessary, unethical, and wrong.

Youth Rights Network
Added to: Teens & Youth
An encyclopedic resource detailing various aspects of youth rights, including core issues, history, publications, organizations, and prominent figures within the movement.

The Philosophy of Liberty (animation)The Philosophy of Liberty
Animated introduction to the philosophy of liberty from the International Society for Individual Liberty.

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"If it would be wrong for the government to adopt an official religion, then, for the same reasons, it would be wrong for the government to adopt official education policies. The moral case for freedom of religion stands or falls with that for freedom of education. A society that champions freedom of religion but at the same time countenances state regulation of education has a great deal of explaining to do."
James R. Otteson, Freedom of Religion and Public Schooling
"Is it not ironical that in a planned society of controlled workers given compulsory assignments, where religious expression is suppressed, the press controlled, and all media of communication censored, where a puppet government is encouraged but denied any real authority, where great attention is given to efficiency and character reports, and attendance at cultural assemblies is mandatory, where it is avowed that all will be administered to each according to his needs and performance required from each according to his abilities, and where those who flee are tracked down, returned, and punished for trying to escape - in short in the milieu of the typical large American secondary school - we attempt to teach 'the democratic system'?"
Royce Van Norman
"School Administration: Thoughts on Organization and Purpose"
Phi Delta Kappan 47(1966):315-16
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