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The Philosophy of Liberty
Animated introduction to the philosophy of liberty from the International Society for Individual Liberty.
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Common questions about separating school and state:

What about the poor?
Why not vouchers?
What about irresponsible parents?

Why Separate School and State?

Actual Ethics, by James R. Otteson Actual Ethics
James R. Otteson

A moral defense of the 'classical liberal' political tradition applied to today's issues, including wealth, poverty, public education, animal welfare, and affirmative action, showing how each can be plausibly addressed within the Kantian, Aristotelian, and classical liberal framework.
Separating School and State, by Sheldon Richman Separating School & State: How to Liberate America's Families
Sheldon Richman

"Why were the public schools ever established? Did the private sector fail to set up schools or set up too few of them? Were large segments of society barred from obtaining education? Was the education of poor quality? The answer to the last three questions is no."
Freedom of Religion and Public Schooling PDF
James R. Otteson
"I suggest that the case of government support for education is analogous to the case of government support for religion, and therefore the moral acceptability of the one is the same as that of the other. My suggestion hinges on the claim that both cases fall under the rubric of freedom of conscience, and hence both shouldbe protected on the moral principle that everyone's private conscience is inviolable and ought therefore to be safeguarded."

The Problem Is the Schools
Sheldon Richman
"[The Pledge of Allegiance lawsuit] yet again demonstrates the poisonous consequences of government control of education. When government runs schools, disagreements that would otherwise be easily handled without acrimony become bitter conflicts. There is but one source of the conflict and it is not religion or atheism. It's the use of coercion, taxation, to finance schools. End that, and this conflict evaporates like water on a hot sidewalk."

Alliance for the Separation of School and State
Argues against any interference by government in education.

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